stained glass
dove visible from
Pershing Boulevard.
Hope and peace await you here.
The tree of life
beckons you in to
recharge your spirit,
make new and lasting friends,
enjoy the warmth of community
and discover your ministry with Christ.
Join us
as we celebrate
the birth and life
of Jesus and see how
it can change your life forever!
For God so loved
the world He gave
His one and only son.

John 3:16
Prayer: daily
instructions for life.
Get connected through
our Centering Prayer Hour
and Sunday Spirituality Class.
Begin with "Our Father who art in Heaven..."
We remember the
gift of eternal life
through bread and wine,
and know the sacrament can
give you a new beginning and
a lifelong adventure. All God's
people are welcome at the Lord's table!
St. Christopher's
Episcopal church
located at the corner
of Pershing and Henderson
Come experience our programs
for children, youth and adults.

Service Schedule

Join us this Sunday! 

We welcome visitors from every walk of life.

We worship at 8 a.m., and 10 with music, 

which includes Holy Eucharist at each Service.


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